About us

We are located on the waterside of the Hotel Playa Dorada in Sa Coma, a holiday resort on the east coast of Majorca. Our daily activities include taking people out diving and snorkelling, seeing them enjoying themselves while under our safe supervision. Our groups are always small with a lot of individual support for beginners.
Over the last 15 years that we have been here, there have been many changes in the environment and the approach of people who come to us. More than 70% of our planet is covered by oceans and we at Oceans Edge see ourselves in a key position to inspire and to educate our diver and snorkeler friends and students to help value and protect our precious underwater world.
This is not just for us now, this is for our future and our children’s future. Respecting life and the world we live in, we observe and marvel at the beautiful fish and fauna that we encounter with you and strive to not disturb their natural balance.
Taking only photos, leaving only bubbles!



While we are in the water we not only focus on our diving skills but are also aware of environmental care and the role we must play by diving in a responsible manner. Starting with our daily habits we can all make a real change. Here, at Oceans Edge, our help begins by removing litter from the ocean and the surrounding beaches. We refrain from collecting shells and other creatures and pay special attention to our position in the water so as not to damage underwater life. Join us on our mission!


You will have the opportunity to dive in the Posidonia oceanica meadow, an endemic Mediterranean plant, not a seaweed. The meadow plays an essential rule in the ecological equilibrium of the sea. From a local point of view, the meadows are the habitat and the food for a big number of species of fishes and invertebrates, especially larvae and young fishes.
The plants of Posidonia oceanica grow forming submerged, long, high and wide meadows, on sandy or on fine and coarse gravel bottoms. For an optimum growth it needs transparent waters. For this reason, the presence of dense and large meadows is a clear sign of the quality of its waters
They also play an important role in the processes related to the beach and dune system. The dead leaves of Posidonia oceanica that can be found on the shore act as a natural spring that reduces wave energy, minimizing erosion.