Certified divers from all diving communities and associations are welcome to come diving with us. Enjoy the exciting adventure of scuba diving in the colorful and warm Mediterranean waters of the island.


We offer guided dives in the mornings and afternoons every day. We have a variety of dive sites available in the area. Depending on which way the wind is blowing we choose the best sites anew every day. This guarantees easy entry/exit and clear visibility. There are lots of swim throughs, tunnels and rock formations plus we normally have really good viz.


For the brave among the certified divers who are not afraid of the dark we offer to take you to the next level; the night dive.

Once you experience the whole new world of the mystery of diving at night, you will definitely want more. Decend with us on a calm and peaceful journey which you will find exciting and relaxing at the same time. Many of the marine animals sleep during the day and only come out at night. Through the light of our lamps the colours of the reef really come to life. See it to believe it.


Are you a certified diver and haven´t been diving for a while? Or do you simply want to freshen up your knowledge of basic dive theory, scuba equipment and it´s use? During our “Scuba Refresh” you will get the chance to do this with a professional diving instructor. After the “dry” part we go to the water to practice the 4 basic skills, that every diver needs. The Scuba Refresh takes about 1-2 hours and costs 35€ in combination with a booked dive.


To participate in guided fun diving here in the Baleric Islands every diver must have a current diving insurance and a medical certificate signed by a doctor. If you are not in possession of a Scuba Diving Insurance we offer the International Scuba Medic insurance.