With the right equipment you can best discover and enjoy the beautiful and fascinating underwater world. In our shop we offer many useful and professional items to enhance your comfort and safety while exploring this fascinating realm. Our trained and friendly staff will gladly help and advise you – please come in you are welcome!

A selection of items that we have on offer are: Snorkels, Masks and Mask Straps, Fins and Fin Straps, Wetsuits, Fish Cards, Swim Shoes, Buoys, Nose and Ear Plugs, Regulators, Dive Lamps, Compasses, Knives . . . and much more . . .


If you need help with damaged or missing parts of your kit we have an array of replacement parts, plenty of experience and the necessary tools for repairing all sorts of snorkel and scuba equipment. We also have qualified and certified staff to service all scuba regulators from Aqualung, Apex and Scubapro.